Say Goodbye To Goop, Hello To Our New iTero 3D Scanner!

Say Goodbye To Goop, Hello To Our New iTero 3D Scanner!

It’s 2021. We do everything from making appointments and paying bills online, to keeping up with social media friends we may have never met. We thought it was time that the goopy old impressions with dentistry got a major overhaul! We understand the importance of keeping up with the ever-changing technology in healthcare, which is why we are ecstatic to announce to our patients that we now use an iTero 3D Scanner for most impressions in our office! Say “goodbye” to the goop and relax while we take a video scan of your teeth to capture the information that we need!

Not only does our iTero scanner let us capture super accurate impressions for your dental treatment, it also gives us the ability to compare scans taken several months apart and view them as a time lapse to check for changes in wear or movement of teeth. The iTero scanner also allows us in many cases to show you your simulated Invisalign case just minutes after we take your scan! Additionally, routine lab work that use to take several weeks to return to us is now back in a matter of days. We can’t get over how much we love this new addition to our office and can’t wait for you to check it out. Take a look at the below video to see the iTero scanner in action!

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