5 Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy on a Busy Schedule

5 Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy on a Busy Schedule

The importance of a good oral hygiene routine cannot be understated. But life sometimes gets in the way. With all the daily tasks that most people face, your dental care can unfortunately easily become an afterthought. Over time, not caring for your teeth properly can result in major dental issues that can affect your health, self-esteem, and even your wallet.

But there are a few ways to improve your oral hygiene even if you’re dealing with a busy schedule. Use these 5 tips starting today to really make sure you are caring for your teeth and oral health:

1. Keep Extra Toothbrushes in Convenient Locations

Woke up late and didn’t have time to brush your teeth? Have an extra one in your car or at your office to complete this essential routine even after you leave your home. Especially in the office, it can be quite useful to have an extra toothbrush to use after lunch or during your break. 

The key is to make sure you can have easy access to it, so take into account your daily routine and try to figure out where to keep that extra toothbrush.

2. Have Some Chewing Gum on Hand (Sugar-Free)

If breaks for brushing your teeth aren’t a possibility, the second best thing you can do is have some chewing gum on hand. It can help remove harmful bacteria and plaque because as you chew, you produce extra saliva that helps flush them away.

However, you should opt for the sugar-free varieties. Giving your teeth extra doses of sugar won’t do your oral health any favors.

3. Pay Attention to What You Eat

The best thing you can do for your teeth is to pay attention to what you eat. Snacking in between meals can be essential to give your body extra energy on a busy day, but the type of snacks you choose to eat will have a huge impact on your dental health.

So instead of chips, crackers, or doughnuts, try to opt for teeth-friendly snacks like nuts, fresh fruit, and veggies, or even yogurt. 

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is a great way to cleanse your mouth and reduce food particles that sit in between your teeth. Remember to drink a glass after every meal or snack, especially if you’re at the office and won’t be flossing until your nighttime routine. 

5. See the Dentist Routinely

A preventive care appointment is much easier to fit in a busy schedule than procedures designed to address dental damage! Book your cleanings and dental check-ups during lunch breaks, or even on the weekends. 

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